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//.Creator: chibi_steff
//.Name: candy
//.Animal: bunny
//.Candy: chupa chups strawberry lollipop
//.Sex: female
//.Age: 16 years
//.Height: erm 1.65 cm?? dunno xD

//.Likes: Chupa cups lollipops ( strawberry she loves the most doh xD) fashion her friends, she doesn't love studying but she scores really great.

//.Dislikes: BOYS, and she doesn't like strangers who harass her xD

//.History: When she was in kindergarten she was bullied by most of the boys from her class because she always had good grades (simply said the boys are jealous). She still fears to talk to them >D. her family is normal and she grew up with fashion because her mom is a fashion designer. her dad is a manga artist and a novel writer. (basically home all day xD)

//.Personality: She is shy most of the times and doesn't really talk to much. but she has some sex appeal so she attracts guys pretty fast. She CAN'T handle boys somehow.. she is always stuttering when they begin talking to her >w<

//.Character Name: Naomi
//.Creator: TokalaAngel (Yue)
//.Candy: Caramel
//.Animal: Fennec fox
//.Birthdate: September 1st (actually, she decided that on her own since she forgot it. The only time her family celebrated her birthday was on the day she was born. That's it. o-o)
//.Age: 14
//.Height: 5 foot flat
//.Weight: 95 Lbs
//.Likes: Caramel, sweet things, doing stuff (see dislikes), crowds, and making stuff out of (and chewing) dried grass.
//.Dislikes: Boredom, lack of action, sour things (especially pickles).
//.History: Naomi's been separated from her family since she was 10, and that was because she ran away (family issues). But when she returned home about a month later after staying an empty bear cave, she found her house in ruins and that her family was gone. There was information enough to say that her parents were dead (by what is still unknown), but her older brother might have gotten away alive. Now she's on a journey trying to make a living on her own while aimlessly searching for her brother and her parents' murderer.
//.Personality: Naomi is really energetic and optimistic. She has this hit-and-run plan for everything (thats how she gets her food when she's in town). During hot days, she keeps low and becomes amazingly lazy, but she's even worse in the cold. Naomi is also stubborn, she sticks to her ideas like glue and tend to drag people into them if they don't cooperate. She's quite intelligent for a 14 year old xD She's not /beautiful/, but she's got a cute fox face, so most people fall for it when she begs for food on her more hungry days. I guess you can call her a thief of sorts..
Most (older) people see her as an annoying immature kid who seriously needs to act her age. When they're traveling with her, they try to keep her out of trouble and often scold her for being such a pain in the butt. But Naomi has her own good points. And as people get to know her, they come to realize this and even share a bit of affection towards her that she almost never gets. (<---the root of all her problems xD)
The younger kids see her as a female Robin Hood xD

//.Creator: Phooka
//.Age: 15
//.Animal: Polar bear
//.Candy: Lollipop
//.Birthday: January 26th
//.Height: 5"7 (I don't know. >< Tallish?)
//.Weight: Healthy. (XD)
//.Likes: Winter, cold, music, lollipops, jeans, his scarf.
//.Loathes: Shouting, loud noises, surprises. summer.
//.Personality: Rupurt is that quiet guy in the corner..listening to his MP3 player. But it's not because he's emo or anything. Rupurt is shy (o:) and hides it by being quiet and being reserved. He's a nice guy though, but even when you know him, tends not to talk. He also wears that scarf with him everywhere. Anytime.
//.History: Rupurt was born. He grew up. People thought he was mute but he's not. TA-DA!

//.Character Name: Adrian Lowell
//.Creator: Toxic
//.Candy: Liquorice
//.Animal: Feline mutt mix
//.Birthdate: June 21
//.Age: 20
//.Height: 6 feet
//.Weight: It's alll muscle, babe!
//.Likes: Video games, girls, dogs (irony), piercings, girls, music, liquorice.
//.Dislikes: Going to the dentist/doctor and closed spaces. That's about it.
//.History: Although he doesn't talk much about his past, Adrian comes from a very rich family. Unfortunately, he isn't very close with them. He has, however, a little sister with whom he is connected-writing her letters every week. When Adrian was young, a hotel he was staying at caught fire. This left him with a nasty scar from his left shoulder to his right hip. During the fire young Adrian was trapped in a small, suffocating room--this lead to his fear of closed spaces.
//.Personality: Quick-witted, sly, and carefree, Adrian has a very dark sense of humor that gets him into trouble often. Even though he doesn't seem like much of a romantic, he will treat the girl he loves like a queen. He dislikes to be serious, but knowns when it's time to do business. Coincidentally, he is quite the fighter...but mostly in the "schoolyard brawl" style of combat.

//.Character Name: Juliet
//.Creator: Kunogi Kira (paigeykin)
//.Candy: marshmallow
//.Animal: Unicorn
//.Birthdate: Sept. 10
//.Age: 16
//.Height: 5"6
//.Weight: 103 lbs.
//.Likes: Love, Meat, anything quite or subtle.
//.Dislikes: Loudness, reckless people, the dark.
//.History: Juliet was born in the hidden valleys of the Netherlands. But before learning a lick of dutch, angry Canadian loggers kidnapped her and shipped her back to Canada where she would be sold. Thankfully, they weren't careful and put her on the wrong ship. Ever since then she has lived where she is now, and doesn't really mind. (Lol i dunno. edit later =P)
//.Personality: Juliet is very passive, and often times seems to lack emotion. She is trying to learn to be more responsive, but usually forgets. Gets bothered easily if in an awkward situation, and doesn't like being put on the spot. (edit this later too. :B)
Here's the first picture I drew of her, but I didn't like it much.. :
Rainbows are her friends. >D After all, what's a magical unicorn of goodness without a rainbow?!

//.Character Name: Chokoro Po
//.Creator: Mi (MADxxasxaHATTER)
//.Candy: Chocolate Pocky
//.Animal: Mouse
//.Age: 12
//.Height: 4"11
//.Weight: 50 lbs
//.Likes: J-pop, Pocky, the color brown, bunnies.
//.Dislikes: Meat, cats, fashion.
//.History: Chokoro is actually a princess who runs away veeeery often. Her parents, the king and queen, have passed away already, but Chokoro still hasn't claimed the throne, as she is a little bit too... dense to rule a kingdom.
//.Personality: Chokoro IS the meaning of 'ignorance is bliss'. She day-dreams too often and can't pay attention on one thing for too long or else she'll go brain dead. When she DOES go brain dead, she has to re-charge for half an hour. She also forgets alot, alot. @n@

//.Character Name: Derian
//.Creator: TokalaAngel (Yue)
//.Candy: Crystal Candy
//.Animal: Chestnut horse
//.Birthdate: He wont tell ;_;
//.Age: 18
//.Height: 6 feet (?)
//.Weight: ..healthy
//.Likes: Sugar, apples, solitude, being lazy, sitting in the middle of a wide meadow while chewing a grain stalk and watching the clouds go by.
//.Dislikes: Noise, crowds, anything that requires a lot of strength, and annoying girls.
//.History: He won't tell that either T________T (you're so cold, Derian D:)
//.Personality: Derian is mostly quiet and kinda goes along with life. He 'd rather not stir up trouble because it's a pain to fix. Derian's got this brotherly feeling, but doesn't bother expressing it openly. He left his home with the intention of traveling and freeloading, but picked up an annoying packaged along the way (Naomi). He treats her like she's a kid, as he does with everyone who's two years or more younger than him. People say he's cold when you meet him, and stays cold no matter how hard to try to warm him up. Part of that feeling is because he never talks about anything close to himself (family, love life, dreams, etc)
Also, he dislikes to wear clothing so he's often seen without a shirt. Walking about pant less would be just too embarrassing (even though he personally isn't bothered).
Another picture of him...

//.Character Name: Arabelle
//.Creator: zee Phooka!
//.Candy: Candy glass
//.Animal: (Betta) Fish
//.Birthdate: March 10th
//.Age: 17
//.Height: 5"8
//.Weight: Thin. Healthy. Yeah.
//.Likes: Water, colours, paint, beaches, anything translucent, spyglasses, sailing, swimming, exploring, surprises, singing, shiny things, beads, shells.
//.Dislikes: Deserts, very hot temperatures, silence/incredibly loud noises, sharks, sunglasses.
//.History: Arabelle was born next to the ocean and developed a strong love for anything related to it. As she grew older she learnt that she had some potential in painting and began to paint the scenes of the ocean in her sparetime. Her family was not the richest of people, so Arabelle--when she was fourteen or so---set up a little shop on the side of the beach selling jewerly she ahd made form shells and beads and other things found on the beach. THe next year she moved for better schooling so she's here now. Yeah.
//.Personality: Arabelle is a hands-on type of person, she loves to make her own things be it paintings or necklaces or anything else. She also loves to explore and look for "hidden treasure", Arabelle is supersitious and imginative. She loves to play and sometimes acts childish.

//.Character Name: Momokochi (pink child w/ a "Chi")
//.Creator: mayu
//.Candy: Gumdrops!
//.Animal: Hummingbird
//.Birthdate: First day of spring
//.Age: 16
//.Height: 4 feet 9 inches (yes she is short)
//.Weight: Unknown
//.Likes: like sweet stuff, sweet things, eating, and cute things or scary things. Dislikes: bitter things, heights, uh, more. XD!~
//.Dislikes: Deserts, very hot temperatures, silence/incredibly loud noises, sharks, sunglasses.
//.History: momokochi as born and raised as an orphan. she was left on a bench and found by a candy man. so as a child and teenager sweets and candy was her source of food. thus she developed a penchant for sweet things. but when she turned the age of 11, she stopped growing. and till now, she's been stuck in the body of a 11 year old.
//.Personality: momokochi is a simple minded happy go lucky girl. she can eat and eat and eat. she's a very gullible girl. she cries easily, but if you want her to cheer up fast, give her something sweet. (Don't Bribe HER! She WILL believe YOU!)

//.Character Name: Tad Michael Alexander
//.Creator: LittleYosh (Yoshiie)
//.Candy: Kit-Kat
//.Animal: Squirrel
//.Birthdate: September 21
//.Age: 16
//.Height: 5’ 11”
//.Weight: He doesn’t want to tell >///<
//.Likes: Pecans, nuts, trees, heavy clothing, long sleeves, music, nice people, long hair, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel
//.Dislikes: Streets, cars, people who scare him easily, short sleeves, short hair
//.History: Tad does not talk much about his past or his parents. His parents died in a car accident when he was about 8-years-old. He was carefree and outgoing at that time but once he saw his parents died in front of his eyes he became silent. He lives with his aunt and uncle right now and goes to school just like a normal teen will do. He is still cooping with his past, and he can be easily over protective of others he cares.
//.Personality: Tad is silent and does not like to talk that much. He only talks to people he knows and whom he cares. He is pretty shy, easily scared, and modest. He is clumsy at times, and likes to wear huge clothing to cover him up. Just like a squirrel, he hides himself from others. He loves to climb trees and he is kind of enough to help others out. Usually, he is seen to have no expression, but when he helps someone out he smiles a little.

//.Character Name: Ie Mui Yang
//.Creator: Star19 or Star >D
//.Candy: Skittle, though I failed :D;;;
//.Animal: A fruit bat >D
//.Birthdate: June 20
//.Age: 15
//.Height: 5'2
//.Weight: :D ummm :> 108lbs?
//.Likes: Fruit, to be loud, colorful things and to play pranks on innocent people; mostly Tad >D gullible people.
//.Dislikes: Stuff :D;;;
//.History: Never knew her parents and is happily adopted. She doesn't know if her parents are alive or not and really doesn't care to find out anything about them. Her life is pretty boring, she says so she pull pranks to make it interesting. :D
//.Personality: mischievous/social, pretty energetic at times, impatient and hyper

//.Character Name: Mei Hyung
//.Creator: Jinny
//.Candy: Cotton Candy
//.Animal: Cat
//.Birthdate: December 16
//.Age: 17
//.Height: 5 ft 6inches
//.Weight: Around 115lbs.
//.Likes: Loves string and lace. Likes fashion and loves to experiment. Loves blue. (So she's a blue cotton candy). She likes to dance and loves the snow. The fluffiness of snow attracts her. LOVES fish.
//.Dislikes: Hates pink, bossy people, dogs(both people and animal), and birds.
//.History: Mei is raised in a very traditional home, which consists of lots of older and younger siblings. And because of that, she becomes a rebel and leaves home on a journey. And that journey has led her to this town. She hopes to make it big as a model or as a fashion designer. Here, she will make or break it. And here, will she try to find love.
//.Personality: Mei is a very passive girl and will not let things hurt her because of her past. Mei can be very brave at times when she believes she is the right one. But Mei can get scared very easily, especially just from looking at a dog. But that's due to how she was raised to look down and be afraid of dogs. However, she dissolves easily when she likes someone or is in love with someone. (Like a cotton candy).

//.Creator: TokalaAngel
//.Name: Tsubasa (Asa)
//.Animal: Raven
//.Candy: Dark Chocolate
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 16 years
//.Height: 5'6
../Weight: 102 lbs. (he's a bird..)
//.Likes: Soft things, watching clouds, the sky, shiny things, cherries, the colour red, and Naomi.
//.Dislikes: Sobby people, dull things, roadkills, bird feeders.
//.History: He just seperated from his flock/family and decided to explore. Asa saw Derian and Naomi and followed them in secret. He grew to be fond of Naomi, thus later showing himself and asking to join their company.
//.Personality: Asa-kun acts 'cool' most of the time. He's not very honest with himself, but is to everyone else for some odd reason. He likes to be included in things but pretends not to be to keep his image. Asa seems very mature outwardly, but iside, he's still got a lot to learn.
Asa absolutely HATES being called by his real name, Tsubasa. Since he's anger isnt something most people want to expirience, they call his Asa.
Also, he acts as a go-between for Derian and Naomi (even though he's always on Naomi's side on matter how right Derian is...) He fails as a go-between xD but the three managed to not fall apart due to his efforts.

//.Creator: Appendagechild
//.Name: Dio and Rio (Dio is green, Rio is red)
//.Animal: Owl (Horned)
//.Candy: Sour hard candy (Dio), Spicy/Hot Hard candy (Rio)
//.Birthday: April 0th
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 19 years
//.Height: Unsure
../Weight: Unsure
//.Likes: Dio likes studying and working hard, he also enjoys quiet activites. Rio likes doing stunts on his skateboard,graffiti and wild partys.
//.Dislikes: Dio dislikes loud, noisy places and messy things. Rio dislikes ditzy girls and the police (as they ruin his fun)
//.History: Dio has always done well in school and is very talented, making his brother Rio jelous. To make up for his shortcomings Rio has decided to act out to gain attention by doing dangerous stunts and trying to be badass, much to his brother's dismay.
//.Personality: Dio is the good twin, he takes pride in studying,being honest and following the rules. Rio on the other hand, loves to break the rules and take risks.But it's hard to seperate these two, even if they're so differant.

//.Creator: LittleYosh
//.Name: Takeshi Koizumi
//.Animal: Shark
//.Candy: Jawbreakers
//.Birthday: August 14
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 17 years
//.Height: 6'2
../Weight: 124 lbs. (he's a bird..)
//.Likes: Hard candies, meat, no sleeves shirt, summer, spring, the sun, sand, beaches, competition, fighting, skateboarding, shorts, tear pants at the end, music
//.Dislikes: Winter, sleeves, winter clothes, fall, vegetables, tight pants, showy girls, school, hats
//.History: Takeshi’s family is a family of 4. His mother, father, his 11-year-old brother, and him. Takeshi left his home at the age of 16 and is now staying with one of his best friends. He works at a restaurant as a waiter, makes good money, and works two part time jobs to help a little. At school he is know to be a troublemaker and always getting himself into trouble but he is actually a generous person who likes to help a lot.
//.Personality: Takeshi is a rebel of all kinds. He is not afraid to speak his own mind, and loves to get into fights. He likes to skateboard, pick on girls, and he loves to challenge people. He does not pay attention too much of the girl’s atmosphere of love around him because he is not interested in them. The only girl he will like would be someone who interest him. He is very hard to approach and communicate with but he is nice person at heart. In addition, he is a troublemaker at school, but he is trustworthy with people he like and his friends.
//.Extra: Okai about Takeshi's fins on his arms. They are able to bend just, to tell you that, whenever he uses his arms to sleep in class and whenever he puts on his jackets when winter comes. Just take make sure if anyone is confuse.
Oh!! And the fins are on the sides of his arms not his elbows. XDD

//.Creator: Crazy-fan1
//.Name: Buta Swine
//.Animal: Pig
//.Candy: Wax Lips
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 17 years
//.Height: 5'5
//.Likes: Playing outside, Studying, Learning, Takeshi (a lot XD), Her grades, people.
//.Dislikes: how she looks (doesn't like her big boobs), the fact she is not a good talker, her mom's shirt..(the one she wears a lot cuz' it belonged to her mom before she died and she wears it as a symbol of loyalty to her mom).
//.Info: She is a very shy and lonely girl that spends mor eof her time in a book then with a friend. She is in her school's Book club, chess club, Boxing club, and has won all the spelling bees to count. She also lives with her father and grandma until she gets out for college. Her mom died of cancer when she was 10.

//.Creator: Starberry
//.Name: Kei
//.Animal: Dog
//.Candy: Reese cup
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 18 years
//.Height: 6 foot
//.Likes: Anything.
//.Dislikes: Mean girls and halloween.
//.History: He is the youngest brother of 3 D:
He still lives with his parents :D;;;

//.Personality: Mellow/Laid back and one track minded at time, Pervert

//.Creator: LittleYosh
//.Name: Hoshi Rebbecca Setsuna
//.Animal: Orange Cat
//.Candy: Candycorn
//.Birthday: October 31
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 16 years
//.Height: 5'6" foot
//.Weight: 98 lbs.
//.Likes: Halloween, candy, video games, manga, drawing, anime, cartoons, being clean, internet, computer programs, chatting, being tomboysih
//.Dislikes: Annoying people, Hentai, being dirty, being flat chested, being girlish, perverted people, being called a boy, dresses
//.History: Hoshi is an only child. She lives with her mom and dad and goes to school like any other normal girls. She hates the way she looks especially being flat chested because she was always being picked on by the boys. She loves Halloween because she dresses up as one of her favorite anime character and enjoys getting candy even though she is a bit old.
//.Personality: Hoshi is short temper, easily love struck, modest, conceited, combative, arrogant, clumsy, easily exhausted, and stubborn. She loves to play video games late at night with her friends. Most of her friends are boys. She’s very cautious about the way she looks because she is a tomboy and sometimes can get confuse as a boy since she’s flat chested.

//.Creator: Phooka
//.Name: Tony Laurent
//.Animal: Hyena
//.Candy: Carmel Apples
//.Birthday: August 12th
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 17 years
//.Height: 6 foot
//.Weight: Skinny.
//.Likes: Smoking, graphic tee's, breaking rules, hanging out, video games, sports, the city, girls, summer, guitar (he plays it), music.
//.Dislikes: Getting in trouble, school, work (I might think of more.)
//.History: Tony was raised on the "wrong side of the tracks" as some put it. His parents went through a rough divorce, that went hard on Tony. At thirteen he took up smoking in secret, because of the stress, and became addicted. He began skipping school. The only "good thing" Tony seems to currently be doing is working at a music store, trying to earn some cash. Yeah.
//.Personality: Tony is a bad boy. He's cool, calm and in control most of the time. He doesn't show much emotion, being a mellow person. Tony is laid back, but if he opposes to something he'll show it. Et cetera, et cetera.
His tail looks like his hair. Yeah. And his shirts always have crazy graphics.

//.Creator: Chibi_steff
//.Name: Orlando
//.Animal: Cat
//.Candy: Baunty
//.Birthday: July 19
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 18 years
//.Height: erm?? 1.90 cm (dunno that in inches
//.Weight: 81 kilos.
//.Likes: baunty, surfing, talking to anyone (social contacts =3), the beach,sea and sun, summer, shoujo manga (rofl) and he draws so now and then too (he's good at it =3) and he likes Ie Mui Yang too xD he thinks she's cute and blushes if he's with her =P
//.Dislikes: winter, to not be able to surf, most shounen manga
//.History: he is just a simple guy that lived with his parents, and grew up normally. he now lives alone (student) and goes on vacation if he feels like it.
//.Personality: he acts sweet towards everybody. he is getting mistaken for a snob most of the times because of his looks. but he really is a sweet caring person.

//.Creator: Phooka
//.Name: Adele La'art
//.Animal: Tasmanian Devil
//.Candy: Candy Necklace
//.Birthday: November 7th
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 16 years
//.Height: 5'7"
//.Weight: Healthy
//.Likes: The mall, shopping, hanging out, going out, summer, chatting, gossip, the library, reading, dreaming, fruit punch, her cellphone, new shoes, new clothes, jewelry.
//.Dislikes: Being excluded, being alone, dress codes, uniforms. Not much else. :/
//.History: Adele grew up in the city and was raised as a normal city girl. She went to school, made friends, had an ideal life and then moved here this year. Being new to the area she has yet to meet anybody.
//.Personality: Adele is, at first glance, a sterotypical girl. She loves shopping, is confident and a people person. But, as much she loves the big city life--drama, flare and fashion--Adele also has a--secret--quiet side. Where she burries herself in books, or hides out in the library. She doesn't have duo personalities, just hides half from the world as that would be viewed as uncool.

//.Creator: Crazy-fan1
//.Name: Horn McHill
//.Animal: Rhino
//.Candy: WhatChaMehCallIt! Bar (it is real i swear it!! and that is it's name!)
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 20 years
//.Height: 6'8"
//.Likes: Girls especially well in dowded (sp?) ones, playing with his drums, hanging out with his childhood friend Buta, hitting on Candy, eating sweets, and math problems.
//.Dislikes: fighting, his horns, the horn jokes he often gets, when people get the wrong idea about him and Buta (just friends), cooking, and cleaning.
//.Info: Horn moved away when he was just getting into middle school and left his best friend Buta all alone. He told her he would come back to her when she turned 17 and he does. He is the oppostie if her in many way, Loud, Friendly, a little irratable, and her is a flirt.
He has crush on Candy..XDD and by hitting on her he doesn't say stupid lines or anyhting he gives her flowers and tells her she is beautiful when ever she is not running from him ;u;

//.Creator: Crazy-fan1
//.Name: Desmond Ayo
//.Animal: Jelly Fish
//.Candy: Sour Gummie worms
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 19 years
//.Height: 7'0"
//.Likes: Swimming, art, raves, zapping people with his "hair" that annoy him, eating contests, girls.
//.Dislikes: being scared easy, surprises, working, and all his teachers except his art one.
//.Info: Desmond is a jamaican artist and he has a heavy accent (love it!). He goes to the same college as Horn and works on the each near by as a surfboard seller. Desmond is not shy but he is scared easy and he is exremely friendly! He is often acused of flirting when he really isn't and has trouble trying to find someone to date!
He adores Chilern and spoils them whenever they hang with him...he would make a good daddy ;u;! oh and his eyes never open..X3

//.Creator: TokalaAgel
//.Name: Tsukishiro Mizuki
//.Animal: Vampire Bat
//.Candy: Maschino Cherry
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 15 (human) 102.8 (Vampire)
//.Height: 5'4
//.Weight: 106.8 Lbs
//.Likes: Cherry juice, shiney things, garlic (Mizuki has a collection of them), origami, the colours red and black, and paper mache.
//.Dislikes: Tomato juice, people with bad breath, Halloween, and albino bats.
//.History: Has no history (In other words, it's too long to tell.)
//.Personality: Mizuki is very shy, timid, and really weird when people arnt looking. There are many odd things about this child along with a lot of 'depth'. No one knows much about 'The Past' and she isnt exactly in a hurry to tell.

//.Creator: paigeykin
//.Name: Kioko Kein (Koko Kane)
//.Animal: Chinchilla
//.Candy: Mary Jane Taffy
//.Birthdate: March 15
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 19
//.Height: 5'8"
//.Weight: 101.7 Lbs
//.Likes: Orange, Halloween, Priscilla (his pumpkin), Cold, Bishoujos, Sticky foods, Magnets
//.Dislikes: Warm Temperatures, Green, Cherries, Anything fruity, Month of March
//.History: Kioko Is pretty soft and caring, but can be unaware of others feelings and doesn't seem to have tact. Likes to smile and doesn't find much reason not to. His main goal in life is to have fun and be apathetic of things unpositive.
//.Personality: Not much is known except that he lost a precious person sometime in the past.
//.Misc. Facts: - Often reffers to his pumpkin hairpin as a friend (and has even named it Priscilla), even though it's not alive.
- Has a star shaped birthmark under his right eye.
- His babyface often gets him in trouble or causes him trouble.
- Never cries.
- Is always cold.
- His whiskers are very sensitive.
- I had things in mind, but I suddenly forgot. '9___9p

//.Creator: Appendagechild
//.Name: Eve
//.Animal: Glass Squid
//.Candy: Honey Stick
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 16
//.Height: 5'3"
//.Weight: 165 Lbs
//.History: Nothing too interesting, her dad was in a local band and it made her interested in music.
//.Personality: Fangirl for Jrock bands, loves singing and music. She can play alot of instruments. She seems grumpy at first, but is nicer to people when she gets to know them.

//.Creator: TokalaAngel
//.Name: Hien
//.Animal: Albino Doe
//.Candy: Powdered Sugar
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 16
//.Height: 5'3"
//.Weight: 109.9 Lbs
//.Likes: Pants, Adrian, snow, winter, winter breaks, flying, Nico Nico Douga Medley, frozen water...
//.Dislikes: Being treated like a girl, summers, mirrors, tornadoes, and seaweed
//.History: When Hien was small, she was often teased about her name being a guy's name. She used to cry about it until she came upon the show called 'Naruto' one day. After seeing Naruto, she decided she wanted to be like him. And somehow, getting the wrong idea, she began to be like Naruto....
//.Personality: Hien is not exactly....a girl. But she's not a guy either. She refers to herself as 'boku' (masculine way of saying 'me) and acts like a guy, talks like a guy (dirty mouth), and enjoys horsing around with guys. Actually, she's everything like a guy. Except she doesnt like girls. At all.
//. Misc. Facts: -She's also known by the name Ichi (meaning 'one')
-She has a thing for Adrian, and gets annoyed at him for flirting with other girls, thus resulting a hate-like relationship on her part
-Hien's dream is to go to Tokyo and work at a bar.
-She gets offended when people call her a girl, but not when they use the word 'she'..O_____o
-COMPLETELY flat-chested xD

//.Creator: paigeykin
//.Name: Isawari Misaki
//.Animal: Black Fox
//.Candy: Hershy Special Dark Chocolate Bar
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 23
//.Height: 5'9"
//.Weight: 111 Lbs
//.History: Misaki was previously a teacher. But she was later suspended for an act of domestic violence against a co-worker, and later quit. Not much is known besides the basics.
//.Personality: Misaki is very charming, but wouldn't consider herself cute. In fact, no one's ever really called her cute before. Maybe pretty, but she usually doesn't grab that type of attention... She's reliable, and ends up being motherly to people around her. She isn't the type to smile a whole lot, hide the ugly truth, or get involved. And stuff.. I'll edit this later xD

//.Creator: paigeykin
//.Name: Shige Chiharu
//.Animal: Desert Hare
//.Candy: Abba Zaba Candy Bar
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 15
//.Height: 5'5"
//.Weight: 109 Lbs
//.History: Chiharu is the student Misaki was protecting when acting violent against a fellow teacher. He has always been close to Misaki, he doesn't have many friends besides her. His studies aren't very important to him so Misaki acts as a tool to keep him on track. But since she got fired, Chiharu hasn't been doing too well..
//.Personality: Chiharu is a very sweet, innocent young man. He can sometimes seem introverted socially, but that's because he tends to space out and think of other things. Although he's not to worried, as long as he has a couple friends he's happy.
//.Misc. Facts: - His voice does NOTT sound like a little girls. xD It's kinda airy and soft.. I have a voice in my head, but I can't remember the voice actor or anime...
- He's a Hare, so his tail looks more like a deer's rather than a cottonball.
- Alice in Wonderland scares him.
- In this picture he's wearing his school uniform. (Does't always have the vest.)

//.Creator: Little Yosh
//.Name: Daisy Wilson
//.Animal: Dwarf Hamster
//.Candy: Rasinets
//.Sex: Female
//.Age: 13
//.Height: 4'8"
//.Weight: 78 Lbs
//.Likes: Quiet place, crackers, vegetables, chocolate, headphones, anything that's shiny, (XDD;)ancient stuff, mystery shows, aliens, fishes
//.Dislikes: Crowds, people who make fun of others, cats, dogs, spinach, pickles, mustard, soap operas, horror movies
//.History: Daisy is Tad's cousin and the child of Tad's aunt and uncle. She has a twin as well who is a total opposite of Daisy. Nothing much about her except she has asthma but put that aside and she's just a regular teenage girl. ^^
//.Personality: Quiet, sarcastic, an airhead, patient when she listens to people's problem, optimistic and easily cautious about the things she says. She's also easily embarrassed and can get confuse about her own feelings.

//.Creator: Little Yosh
//.Name: Samuel Wilson (goes by Sammy or Sam)
//.Animal: Dwarf Hamster
//.Candy: Mary Jane
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 13
//.Birthday: November 7
//.Height: 4'8"
//.Weight: 79 Lbs
//.Likes: Pranks, sports, soccer, basketball, older girls, loud music, punk, playing guitar and drums, roller coasters, wild rides, any movies
//.Dislikes: Silence, people who annoy him,tomatoes, peanut butter, chick flicks
//.History: Sammy is Tad's cousin and the child of Tad's aunt and uncle. He is also the twin of Daisy. Just a normal teenage boy. ^^
//.Personality: Outgoing, talkative, kinda bossy when it comes to playing in teams, and he loves to play pranks on people. He is also very protective of Daisy from people who pick on her, and he doesn't get along with Tad as much as Daisy does. He finds him too quiet and boring to hang around. He likes to skateboard as well and wear wristbands all the time. He wears lose shoes and a lose shirt. He likes older women who are 16 to 18. XDD; He can be clumsy at times and a total jerk to understand. He hates when people tell him what to do.

//.Creator: Paigeykin
//.Name: Ace Lloyd
//.Animal: Shih Tzu
//.Candy: Candycane
//.Sex: Male
//.Age: 13
//.Blood type: O
//.Birthday: January 31st
//.Height: 4'9"
//.Weight: 104 Lbs
//.History: Ace grew up in a rough house with uncaring parents, but was adopted at a young age. He's still trying to figure life out and is a very confused indevidual.
//.Personality: Ace is a very carefree and oblivious person. He thinks of himself being a kind, sweet young lad, but can actually get edgey if he doesn't get his wishes. He's always either sleeping or fighting boredom with an iron fist.
//.Misc. Facts:
- Steals socks, sometimes without really noticing what he's doing. (But never off people's feet. xD)
- His tail is crooked.
- He's chinese.
- Sneezes a lot.
- Really gullible
- He's pouty.
- Doesn't like it when people call him a girl.
- Hates violence.
- Prone to being kidnapped.

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